Sunday, December 14, 2008

Access Atlanta Interview

Rodney Ho met with Michael at the Infinite Energy Atlanta Slam on Saturday. This interview is a gold mine of information.

Firstly, Michael has finished recording the album!! (there are a few more songs to record but the recording is as good as done). They recorded 20 songs and there will be 12 songs on the album.
The album will have more soul elements than rock since he's most natural at that. The album will be out in March and the single in February. He'll be distributing it either through Universal or Sony ATV.

Random info:
He's doing something with the Dan Band on the 20th in Avalon. All the celebrities who were in the video will be there! (Matthew Perry and Michael in the same room, yum.)

He's going to Texas for Christmas to eat a lot of Turkey and pass out and he'll be coming back on the 27th/28th to do a couple of holiday shows.

The Shaun White Documentary for which he helped to score will be coming out on January 2nd on ESPN and the DVD will be out a week later.

He'll be performing at the Sundance in January.

Here's a video of the interview. Enjoy!

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