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Rye Randa, Jeff Foxworth, And Michael Johns Score For Shaun White's "Don't Look Down"

Here's the latest Michael Johns, Rye Randa and Jeff Foxworth news as it was announced at blogcritics.org. In an interview done with Rye Randa over the weekend, we learn the latest on the soundtrack score the three of them did for Shaun White's documentary film "Don't Look Down". This article is a virtual treasure trove of information, as we learn about the seventeen original and newly remastered tracks that were put on the TRP (Three Ring Project) label. Distribution news for the soundtrack will follow shortly.

Interview: Rye Randa Discusses Shaun White's Don't Look Down
Written by Ultimat1
Published January 06, 2009

Rye Randa Michael Johns Jeff Foxworth

The long awaited and much anticipated New Year is finally here. I've been biding my time for months now so I could make the announcement that Rye Randa (Singer/songwriter/producer), Michael Johns(American Idol Finalist), and Jeff Foxworth (Missfodus Publishing) fans have all wanted to hear. The three artists have teamed up to do the soundtrack for Shaun White's documentary DVD Don't Look Down, which will be released on January 6, 2009.

I spoke to Rye back in October of 2008 in an interview article first published here at BC Magazine titled "Rye Randa – Musician Extraordinaire". Although we heard about the soundtrack for the film then, there were many questions that couldn't be answered at the time. Rye most graciously allowed me a follow up interview to answer the details we've all wondered about regarding the new documentary soundtrack.

They say all good things come to those who wait, but this news is so much better than good. Your patience is about to be rewarded in full, so I'll go straight to the interview.

Be sure to keep reading when this bit is done to find out the rest of the ongoing threesomes antics and future plans. There are a few must see videos I'll tell you about before we're through. Without further adieu, here's the news of the soundtrack and what to expect straight from Rye Randa himself.

You mentioned in our previous interview that the soundtrack would include additional songs not heard on the documentary. How many additional songs are on the soundtrack?

Five additional songs. 17 total.

Is the soundtrack being done as an independent project or is it only included as part of the DVD?

It is being distributed separately by Fontana Distribution, and will also be available on iTunes.

So the DVD and Soundtrack can be bought individually?

Yes separately.

I know Michael Johns has recently announced that his management is TRP (Three Ring Projects) and he's released his first single "Another Christmas" on the TRP label. It's my understanding they also distribute exclusively through Fontana. Is the Don't Look Down soundtrack being put on the TRP Label and under your production company?

Yes it's a Three Ring Projects release, distributed by Fontana, and produced by Foxworth, Johns, Randa.

Do you have an actual release date for the soundtrack?

Not a solid date as of yet, but I'll keep you posted.

On the video, we hear just pieces of some songs. Will the full songs be on the soundtrack?

Yes, the full, re-mastered songs will be on the album.

Some of the songs featured in the film were done with you singing, and some with Michael Johns singing. Did Jeff Foxworth take lead vocals on any of the songs?

No, but I think he sang some background vocals here and there.

How many songs were done with each of you featured on lead vocals?

Michael sings lead on all but one of the vocal songs (10 total including bonus). I sing lead on the end-credits song "View From Up Here".

You mentioned in our last interview that you might perform with Michael at this year's X-Games. Has that been confirmed yet, and if so, what date?

Not confirmed yet, but we may be performing at X-Dance in Park City. January 18 is the date that has been discussed, but not confirmed as of yet.

Although it hasn't been announced anywhere yet, we've seen Jeff Foxworth performing with Michael at most of his post-idol television appearances. Have you heard whether or not they will be touring together, and are you considering touring with them?

As far as I know Michael has not assembled his touring band yet, but I'm sure I speak for both Jeff and I by saying we'd be honored if asked. At that point it really just comes down to scheduling as to whether or not we'd be able to do it.


Official Soundtrack Art

Now, I've spent countless hours at forums and websites discussing and speculating with the other members as to what we fans should expect from the musical score of a documentary film. We've waited and wondered patiently just to hear news of a single from Michael Johns, currently scheduled for release in February.

I can barely contain my excitement to hear how these guys have teamed up to provide for us so much more than we ever dared hope for. The photo at left is the Official soundtrack art, thanks once again to Rye.

It's almost as if the artists have known all along, we fans couldn't wait until February or March for new music.

They must be grinning from ear to ear as they're thinking, "Oh you want news of a single? How about a full album instead?"

Believe me gentlemen, we'll gladly take it! That should hold us over for another month or so until one of you (Michael) delivers your much anticipated single to the radio. Make some appearances and record a few of those so we have videos for the Don't Look Down soundtrack while we're waiting, and that should tide us over until March for the debut album release.

Just the thought of seventeen full tracks of original music on this soundtrack seems too good to be true. And to hear that these huge talents might perform together again, either on tour or at the X-Dance for the X-Games just blows me away. If you've seen the documentary as it aired on ESPN, you already know what portions of the score will sound like. If you haven't heard it, let me offer you a taste of what to expect.

To do that, I'll have to paint the backdrop for the documentary film. Some of you may not know of Shaun White, assuming of course that you've lived your life in a cave. Since 2002, he's won a total of 9 Gold, 3 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals snowboarding Slopestyle and Superpipe at the X-Games.

Then in 2006, he gained worldwide fame as we watched him win Olympic Gold in Men's Halfpipe. The film Don't Look Down treks his journey through the year following his Olympic success. What does someone whose won the ultimate prize in snowboarding go after next? I could tell you, but that might spoil the film. In a word, the answer is "More".

This DVD not only takes you to the frigid slopes and halfpipes to see all the action, it's also a behind the scenes look at the heart of a champion. It's a must see film for anyone who has ever aspired to greatness. Snowboard and skateboarders of all ages will be glued to the screen in awe of this unparalleled athlete's accomplishments. The closest most of us will ever come to his sport is playing his video game, but that's another subject for another day.

Now back to the music I promised to tell you about. As if what you see on the screen isn't enough to keep your attention, the music itself will take you through every imaginable emotion. The tracks vary from easy rocking while rolling down the road in his travels, to pulsing heart throbbing anticipation of what aerial maneuver he might try next.

The music flows perfectly and accentuates what you're watching on the film, but it's the songs themselves, seventeen full tracks entirely re-mastered that have captivated my full attention. These incredible musicians delve in from every possible angle. There are no other artists but these who can so quickly capture the ever changing moods of the film more effectively. At least, there are none that I'm aware of.

To Michael Johns, Rye Randa, and Jeff Foxworth fans I have but one thing to say. These guys have truly scored magnificence in sounds worthy of much more than gold. You can get your copy if you get in line right behind me. All I needed to hear were the pieces and snippets of songs on the DVD to know I'll be buying this soundtrack the very instant it goes on sale.

I'll be back again with more news of Michael Johns single and CD release just as soon as the dates and titles are known.

Now for the videos I promised to tell you about. For those of you who enjoy a good laugh (even though Christmas is over), you can still view Rye Randa's video "Round Again" at the original site Funny or Die, or as posted with the short article I wrote at Love Me Two Times. The video quickly made the rounds again at the IDF forum and Michael Johns Fan Site as well. Giggles and grins were everywhere showcasing Rye's quiet humor.

You can also watch Michael Johns and Jeff Foxworth as they performed "Another Christmas" at Access Hollywood. As you already know if you read the story featured in the BC 2008 Holiday Special - Spirit of the Holidays, all the proceeds will be given to charity for ALS and Red Cross.

The song is still available for download on iTunes and Amazon.com although the season of giving has passed. Christmas comes only once a year, but knowing your ninety-nine cents might be all that's needed to finally discover the cure for this catastrophic disease, could last you a lifetime. This video is just too good not to share it again.

I hope this New Year continues with as many good things as it’s starting off with. Cheers to you all until I have more good news to share. Hopefully, that will be really soon.

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