Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Look Down Soundtrack Now Made Available To International Fans

Rye Randa, Michael Johns, and Jeff Foxworth.

As some of you already know, the Michael Johns, Rye Randa, and Jeff Foxworth soundtrack Don't Look Down featuring the Michael Johns/Brooke White duet "Life Is Okay" isn't available to fans outside the United States. Brace yourselves for this happy news!

Rye Randa is the hero to every international fan currently unable to download the soundtrack "Don't Look Down".  He's making the download available to all Michael Johns, Rye Randa, Jeff Foxworth, and Brooke White fans that don't have access to the soundtrack through or iTunes. 

In an email I received today, he asked that I post the news of his gift. He's placed the soundtrack on his website and made it available for purchase there.
Hey Rebecca-

Wanted to let you know I've been getting quite a few emails from Michael's international fans, especially in Australia who have been very frustrated because they cannot buy the soundtrack.  For some reason iTunes and Amazon have only made it available in the U.S. (not smart on their part).  So until we deal with that issue, we have made the soundtrack available to the international community as a download from my website  Would you mind posting something in the forum, or wherever else you think would be appropriate?  Hopefully this will satisfy some of the fans who've been feeling neglected!

Thanks Rebecca!

Hope all is well.


As always, it's my pleasure to share any words I get from him.  Enjoy the news, and for those of you who didn't have access before, enjoy the soundtrack as well.

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