Friday, February 6, 2009

Michael Johns Performs On KTLA!

Although it was originally reported from another source that Michael Johns would perform his new single "Heart On My Sleeve" today, it turns out that Michael preferred not introducing his new single that way.  From the video we learn Michael is going to the Grammy's on Sunday (Feb. 08, 2009)!  Well he should at least practice being there!  He's destined for walking tons of Red Carpet events such as this one.

There's another mention of the distribution deal with Sony.  I can hardly wait to learn all the details for the upcoming album release! (Now due out in April?)

Jeff Foxworth (MissFodus Publishing) is in the video too.  He accompanies Michael Johns as he performs the following song from the 98.7 Penthouse suite (aka Pre-Grammy SWEET!). Ryan Seacrest connection?

Thanks to Will Manning for sharing the video HERE!

A special thank you to MaJa K. for uploading the video!

Michael Johns performs - The Bee Gees "To Love Somebody"

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