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Michael Johns Competing On American Idol Alumni Challenge?

Michael Johns fans might just have something new to look forward to on American Idol, if the following contest story comes true. It seems someone has suggested that American Idol bring back 12 of its finest Alumni and artists with the most memorable performances. Michael Johns is listed as having two of them, with Bohemian Rhapsody and Light My Fire.

If nothing else, it's an interesting concept to bring back the best of the best. What do you think? Should Michael Johns be on American Idol again? This time the competition will be against some of the best known Idol Alumni that came from the previous 6 Seasons before him, and against some of the favorites from Season 7 as well.

Have a look at the list below to see which former "Idols" are being suggested for the first 6 week summer season of the American Idol Alumni All Stars Challenge. My thanks to Michael Johns Central and AC.

American Idol Alumni All-Stars Showdown: New Rule Prompts New Show Idea
March 16, 2009 by Aly Adair

Dear American Idol Producers: What About the American Idol Alumni All-Stars Challenge?
American Idol producers decided on a new rule that was announced during the Season 8 Top 13 week March 8th. American Idol judges can now vote for one, and only one, American Idol contestant to be saved from elimination after America's vote. This rule was tried and was successful on other International Idol shows so they decided to bring it to American Idol.

The new rule makes sense and could change the life of one talented American Idol who may not have the relentless fan base that Idols like Anoop Dawg and William Hung have. William Hung was the funny, lovable Asian guy who sang She Bangs for his audition on American Idol Season 3. No, Chinese born William Hung did not die of a drug overdose as was reported on the Internet. You can visit the official William Hung fan site and see for yourself. So instead of just bringing back one Season 8 contestant, let's make a whole show out of our favorite American Idol Alums.

American Idol producers might have to pull off some major contract rights and permissions grants from recording studios, but why not have an American Idol Alumni All-Stars Challenge with American Idol faves from all the past American Idol seasons? If American Idol producers can get rights to cover The Beatles and Michael Jackson songs, why not for David Archuleta, Michael Johns and Chris Daughtry songs?

American Idol fans can remember the outstanding Alumni performances of their favorite Idols that got voted off (click the song links to view video performances below.)

The Top 12 American Idol Alumni All Stars in the AI Alumni All Stars Challenge are:

Tamyra Gray
from American Idol Season 1 who sang A House Is Not A Home

Simon Cowell said this performance by Tamyra Gray was on par with Whitney Houston and one of the best performances he has ever seen on television.

Clay Aiken
from American Idol Season 2 who sang Bridge Over Troubled Water

Jennifer Hudson
from American Idol Season 3 who sang I Have Nothing

American Idol Guest Judge Quentin Tarantino tells Jennifer Hudson: "Hudson takes on Houston and wins!"

Bo Bice from American Idol Season 4 who sang Sweet Home Alabama with Lynyrd Skynyrd

Constantine Maroulis from American Idol Season 4 who sang Bohemian Rhapsody

Chris Daughtry from American Idol Season 5 who sang I Walk the Line

Katherine McPhee from American Idol Season 5 who sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Kelly Pickler from American Idol Season 5 who sang Red High Heels

Chris Sligh from American Idol Season 6 who sang Typical. Chris Sligh is nominated for a 2009 Dove Award.

Melinda Doolittle from American Idol Season 6 who sang Home

Watch Paula Abdul cry and Simon Cowell tell Melinda Doolittle that she reminds him of a young Gladys Knight.

David Archuleta from American Idol Season 7 who sang Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me and Imagine

Michael Johns from American Idol Season 7 who sang Light My Fire and Bohemian Rhapsody

Simon Cowell says Michael Johns is the most consistently good performer so far and Michael Johns just has what it takes.

What does the American Idol Alumni All Stars Challenge winner receive? Of course, the official title of American Idol Alum Star with a ton of money from iTunes downloads during the airing of the 6-week summer reality television show!

You heard it first from Aly Adair, Associated Content's American Idol Source!

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