Monday, June 29, 2009

Download Michael Johns' Single "Heart On My Sleeve" FREE!

From his MySpace Music blog today, Michael Johns sent out the news that his single "Heart On My Sleeve" from his debut album Hold Back My Heart can now be downloaded FREE from Here's the blog he sent out today:
Free Download of My Single!

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Hey guys,

The folks at Amazon are giving away my single, "Heart on My Sleeve" for free! So if you don't already have it, head over to the link below to grab it.

My album is available there and iTunes too so don't be shy original.gif

Free MP3 Download HERE!


If you haven't already downloaded this song, you'll find it distinctly different from anything you've heard him do before. Michael Johns is an accomplished singer/songwriter whose talent is limitless. As he's so often shown in the past, he can sing any genre of music and somehow make it his own. This song stretches the boundaries of Michael's previous works into a clearly high-polished, yet soulful rendition that softly rocks with sophistication.

Although the song was written by John Shanks and James Morrison, Michael's performance easily captures the emotions expressed in the lyrics and conveys them to the listener. Beautiful song, and beautifully done. Be sure to listen to the rest of the album when you download the free single. It's completely different from the single.

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