Sunday, June 14, 2009

Michael Johns Was THE #1 Most Requested At AOL Radio

When I first reported this story on Thursday (See the original June 11th story here) based on an AOL Blog from that morning, I was more than happy to give you the news that Michael Johns' first single "Heart On My Sleeve" was one of the Top 11 songs requested that day in a contest held by AOL Radio.

AOL asked its listeners to send Twitter requests so they could launch a new Tweet Requests radio station. What wasn't known at the time that I published the first report, were the exact number of requests for the the Top 11 artists and songs. We just knew Michael Johns had done well based on preliminary reports from AOL Radio's blog.

Today, I am most pleased to announce that Michael Johns was in fact THE #1 most requested artist that day. Here's the news as it was confirmed in this Tweet from AOLRADIO a few hours ago:
"aolradio Well the #'s are in: It looks like the Michael Johns fans won by a mile - Johns was the most requested artist by a mile on Wednesday.about 7 hours ago from TweetDeck"
I've followed their news on Twitter and at AOL Radio on a daily basis since the launch of their Tweet Request station, and I'm loving every minute of finally finding a station that truly listens to the fans. Not only is Michael's single in heavy rotation at the first ever (that I'm aware of) Tweet Request station, they've also added his new single to their New Pop First channel as well as their Pop Idols station.

AOL Radio has more than 350 Sports, News, Talk and Music stations from which you can choose your favorite genre. Personally, I plan on listening to every one of their stations where they put Michael Johns' music in the rotation. Michael's debut album Hold Back My Heart will be released on June 23rd, which will give me at least 11 more songs to requests from my AOL radio stations. :D

You can listen to 30 second snippets of all 12 songs from the Hold Back My Heart album HERE. Cheers, and to Michael Johns, congratulations on being the most requested.

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