Thursday, June 18, 2009

Video Of Michael Johns In Studio With 103.7 Lite FM

Here's an extra special treat for 103.7 Lite FM listeners and Michael Johns Fans. As previously reported, Michael Johns was in their studio to play his debut single "Heart On My Sleeve" from his new album Hold Back My Heart. You can purchase the album in stores everywhere on June 23rd, or download it digitally from iTunes and Lite FM turned on the video cameras and shared that video at their site. Stay tuned to that radio station to hear the song on a regular basis!

If you missed the interview before the song, you can listen to that fabulous Aussie wit in that beautiful accent below. Lite FM most graciously shared their mp3 of the interview and the song in a Podcast from the Gene and Julie Morning Show, airing weekdays on 103.7 Lite FM from 5am - 10am.

Listen to this!

Michael Johns on 103.7 Lite FM - Michael Johns

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