Sunday, July 5, 2009

American Idol Finalist Michael Johns - In Tribute And Honor (Video)

(Video courtesy of Cast TV)

In continuing coverage given by news sources from all over the internet, Michael Johns' renditions of "The National Anthem" and "God Bless America" in Anaheim on July 4, 2009 is earning praise. By all accounts, these were some of the best performances of the songs ever heard.

Major League Baseball teams across the nation dedicated themselves to raising awareness and funds for ALS to commemorate Lou Gehrig's farewell speech 70 years ago. Michael Johns was there to pay tribute to America on her birthday, and to further his support in the fight for a cure of ALS.  In honoring others, he unknowingly (and deservedly) earned honor from The Angels for himself.

Here's an excerpt taken from an article posted at their website.
In an effort to raise awareness and financial support for organizations leading the fight against ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, the Angels will have American Idol Finalist Michael Johns sing the national anthem before Saturday's game against the Baltimore Orioles.

Johns, an avid supporter of ALS research, has been involved in certain organizations to help the fight against ALS.

In December 2008, he released the song "Another Christmas," with 50 percent of the proceeds going towards ALS research.

"Michael Johns embodies the spirit of this day," Angels entertainment and production manager Pete Bull said. "He loves America and the opportunity he had with American Idol was able to show what we can provide as a nation. He truly loves our country."
The feeling is mutual. Our country loves him as well. Cheers Michael Johns, our "Aussie-American", and thanks once again for everything you do for your fellow man.  Now that the Fourth of July has passed, we'll look forward to your upcoming tour.  Best wishes on your new album Hold Back My Heart.

That's an unusual name for an album from someone who so often gives of yours. :D

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