Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Johns Hollywood & Highland Videos

A little over a month ago, Michael Johns performed several songs from his new album Hold Back My Heart in a live concert held at Hollywood and Highland. The concert was meant to celebrate the June 23rd release of his debut album and was in fact performed only two days after the album hit shelves nationwide. It's also available for digital download at and iTunes.

News of this concert was overshadowed that day, as we learned Michael Jackson had just passed away.  Now that a respectable amount of time for mourning has passed and some high quality videos of the performance have recently surfaced, I'm happy to share with you Michael Johns live at Hollywood and Highland, performed June 25, 2009.

My thanks to Lovinthefro09 for uploading most of the following videos. The first video is one posted by scoobyld, in which Michael Johns pays a stunning tribute to Michael Jackson, RIP the King of Pop. This was one of the first tributes to Michael Jackson to be posted to YouTube. All of the other videos, with the exception of "Hold On", are from the new album Hold Back My Heart, by Michael Johns.

Michael Johns - I'll Be There

Michael Johns - Heart on my Sleeve

Michael Johns - Feeling Alright

Michael Johns - Fire

Michael Johns - Fool's Gold

Michael Johns - Hold On

Michael Johns - Little Bear

Michael Johns - Hold Back My Heart

Michael Johns - To Love somebody

Michael Johns - Mountains

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