Sunday, July 12, 2009

Video With Michael Johns Featured On The Ontic's - "The Great Divide"

Michael Johns co-wrote and does lead vocals on "The Great Divide - (theme from The Wanted)".  Two of Michael's best friends, Jeff Foxworth and Rye Randa, formed The Ontic and score for the new series "The Wanted".  The series begins at 10pm on NBC  Monday, July 20th!  Rye Randa's interview explains scoring for the series.  "The Great Divide" in its entirety can be downloaded from now, and is also available for download from iTunes!  Read the Rye Randa interview at the following link!

Rye Randa Discusses Scoring For NBC's New Series The Wanted

Listen to more music from The Ontic at

The Wanted, NBC Premieres July 20th

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