Sunday, July 19, 2009

Australian Michael Johns Hits Hollywood Video

In searching for more Michael Johns videos from the performance and Meet n Greet held at Atlanta's Tin Roof Cantina last Friday, I ran across this piece of a documentary called Australians Hit Hollywood. Now I knew he was part of the documentary, but I haven't seen any news or videos from the actual documentary itself worth watching until now.

Michael appears for a few seconds in this piece, but I can tell already, the camera loves him. Maybe that love goes both ways, as he looks completely at home and comfortable in front of the camera. Here's hoping they eventually become best friends. For now, I'm happy listening to his new album Hold Back My Heart. You can pick up your copy at stores like Walmart nationwide, or download it from iTunes and  :D

"The first few minutes of the documentary "AUSTRALIANS HIT HOLLYWOOD". A film about the ups and downs of Australians in the entertainment industry coming to America. Interviews with actors, directors, screenwriters, musicians, executives and reality stars."


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