Friday, April 10, 2009

Michael Johns News On mjsbigblog!

I absolutely love reading some of the things MJ (the blogger) finds to post at mjsbigblog. See for yourself the interview she's put up this time with Michael Johns!

Might I just add I second her comment, "
Where can I get my copy? I do reviews! Heh."?

I know... I can get mine at iTunes and just like everyone else. lol

Michael Johns, set to drop a new album titled Hold Back My Heart on June 23rd, recently spoke with Shirley Halperin of Bilboard Magazine about his new record, the current season of American Idol, and the awesomeness of his own season.

Read the entire interview HERE.

Shirley got a hold of a review copy, and says, “We were absolutely amazed by the Muscle Shoals ambition Johns (and several of the Idol band members he enlisted) poured into every track.”

Where can I get my copy? I do reviews! Heh.

Read on…As always, Michael lets a few juicy soundbites fly…

Michael has re-discovered his soul, “I really wanted to do a Stax record. I went back and re-listened to music from my childhood — Sam Cooke, Otis Redding. Wilson Picket — and when I went to sing on the record, I didn’t even have to think. I was really comfortable. Simon wanted me to do more of that [soul] on the bloody show, but I didn’t get the chance.”

What does Michael make of the judges save? “I mean, I wouldn’t want to change anything about the way I was eliminated. What if you get kicked off the week after? Then you’re a double loser.”

Michael is a little skeptical about this season of Idol. He thinks Adam Lambert is great for stage and TV, but wonders what he’ll do in “the real world. ”
“I think Simon would have ripped him a new a-hole, but they’re praising him, so go figure?” says Michael “It’s like, who are these contestants?”

Michael does like a few from this season, “The one who I think is really true to herself is that little 16-year-old, Allison [Iraheta]. Brooke [White] and I actually met her at a charity function, where she was the one performing. I said, ‘You go for it, girl. You can sing!’ I liked that Alexis [Grace] girl, too. She was more talented than she got to show. It sucks that she got voted off and can’t go on tour.”

Michael digs his own season, “…out of any other season, I would want to be on our season, even with where I finished. It’s, like, who are you gonna pick on from our season? From Chikezie to Brooke, Jason Castro, Carly… we’ve all got something. I’m really proud to be a part of my season. We’re all friends and I talk to them all the time.”

The record, “Hold Back My Heart” will be released though Downtown records via a licensing deal on June 23rd. The single, “Heart on my Sleeve” drops digitally April 14.

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