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New Album Release Date Announced In BC Magazine

PhotobucketSo how much interest does a Michael Johns article about his album and single release actually generate? As a writer, I'd love to be able to extend an exact number for you. For that matter, I'd like to know that number myself. However, since I'm not able to do that, I'll give you a rough guesstimate and you can do the math for yourself.

BC Magazine has a daily readership of 150,000 or so per day. Those numbers only include the amount of people that actually go to the site. What it doesn't include are the people who have access to the articles once they go out worldwide in Google alerts.

Let's stay conservative, though, and do the math using only the known number of readers as a guideline. As I write this piece at this very moment, Blogcritics has 3319 authors all competing for their share of that readership. Additionally, the magazine publishes an insane amount of articles twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The pieces that are published in BC are usually there for at least a week. Okay, so that's potentially 150,000 people per day for at least seven days.

Granted, not every person that goes to the magazine will read every story there. That's why it's especially nice to see Michael's announcement was in the top five articles with most readers the instant it was published. Michael should be happy to know that he may have a bunch of silent fans, but folks, he's got a ton of them.

Those are just the numbers from this one article. Now take that number and multiply it by the number of other newspapers, authors, and magazine articles written about Michael Johns. Astonishing potential.
AI Finalist Michael Johns Announces New Album Release Date
Written by Ultimat1
Published April 08, 2009

Although the original release dates for his debut album and single were first published here at Blogcritics, I'm back to let you know the dates have been changed. The previous article's information was based on an email confirmation from Michael himself, but even he could not foresee the need to change the dates at the time. Michael Johns' debut single "Heart On My Sleeve" has been rescheduled to drop on April 14, with radio impact to start April 21.

According to recent reports from various news outlets, the upcoming release is on the TRP Record Label. Through those news reports, we learned Michael has signed a new deal with Downtown Records/Fontana to handle distribution for the new album and single. In other interviews, Michael was also heard to say that he'd signed Michael Johnsa deal with Sony for distribution too, so maybe it's both. Battling red tape over the distribution part of the release is considered by most to have caused the unforeseen two-week delay from the original release date.

Logistics for distribution might be important to some (namely Michael, his label, and management), but it doesn't matter to me who's distributing the records as long as I get mine the day they go on sale. I'm not here to tell you about his distribution deals anyway. I'm here to announce release dates.

"Heart On My Sleeve" is the first single from Michael's debut album Hold Back My Heart, and there's already talk of a video to go along with the new single. The album release date is now "officially" set for June 23, 2009. According to an article found at The Dead Hub, the single was co-written by Johns Shanks. You might know him from his work with Carlos Santana, Sting, and Bon Jovi, among others.

There's a long list of well-known names that have been associated with helping create this one-of-a-kind album. In previous interviews, we've heard the names Diane Warren, Gnarls Barkley, John Shanks, Rye Randa, Cee-Lo Green, and several others who might have collaborated with Michael on some of the tracks. We still don't know which of those co-writers' songs may have made it to the final product.

Most of the songs for the CD were self-penned according to the interviews and news pieces we've seen. Michael has himself described the music on the album in an article with The West Australian back in September of 2008:
“It’s going to be a rock soul record, about love and loss and yearning,” he said.

“There’s all these influences from Van Morrison to Joe Cocker, a bit of INXS, a bit of Otis Reading, so it’s definitely white soul sound.

“There’s nothing really out there like that right now. I guess Amy Winehouse and Duffy are touching on that, but that’s more the female side. There’s nothing as far as a white guy rocking out.”

That mixture of artists conjures up imaginings for some of the best rock/soul/blues music to ever be written. This album is long awaited and much anticipated by all of the fans who have followed his music news on a daily basis in his fan forums. Loyal fans of the too-soon and shockingly booted hot Aussie American Idol heartthrob wanted new music from Michael Johns the instant he left the show. Michael, however, had other ideas... like putting out something that had musical merit and would stand the test of time. Fine. Begrudgingly, we patiently wait.

I've been following this man's career for over a year now, and published my first article about him for Blogcritics in July of 2008. Most all of Michael Johns' recent post-American Idol history has been chronicled here. Check my writer's page to see what other Michael Johns news you may have missed. Believe me, folks — there's been plenty of news in the past and even more Michael Johns chronicles planned as we follow his career into the very distant future.

Some of the more noteworthy events that Johns has been a part of since the last update I gave in March included a concert for which he played at Celebrity Fight Night, held in Phoenix on March 28. That annual effort is considered to be one of the most prestigious charitable events in the nation.

This year's performers included Michael Johns along with, David Foster, Jon Bon Jovi, Charice, Josh Groban, and Jordin Sparks, just to name a few. It was emceed by Reba McEntyre and was attended by Muhammad Ali. The charity celebrated its fifteenth year and has raised over 52 million dollars for various charities since its inception, notably Muhammad Ali's Parkinson Center. You can read more details about it at their website.

Michael's future events include an immediate appearance on American Idol Extra. This is your chance to watch him debut the new single "Heart On My Sleeve". You can go to American Idol Extra to check your local channel listings and to see what times the show will air in your area. Set those DVRs now so you don't miss this one!

Michael has a few other events lined up in the near future. He'll be judging the All-Campus Idol competition being held in Madison, WI on April 21. Those lucky students will also be treated to watching him perform in concert. Details for that event can be found at the Wisconsin Alumni All-Campus Party website.

The next major event we're aware of where you can see him perform is at the America’s Polo Cup being held in Potomac Maryland May 8-9, 2009. (Australia vs. USA in the America's Polo Cup World Championships). You can find details for that and all future events at Michael Johns Central. Tour information and dates will be posted there just as soon as we get them.

Michael Johns Official MySpaceIn the meantime, Michael has just finished up helping write a song for American Idol alum Brooke White's new album too, but more on that later. This particular article is about Michael Johns and his new release. Mark your calendars now for the single release "Heart On My Sleeve" happening April 14, and the album Hold Back My Heart to drop on June 23.

For you die-hard fans who just can't get enough news, pictures, videos, and everything else associated with Michael Johns, please take the time to visit and join us in the forums. Cheers and g'day mates, until next I bring breaking news. Rest assured, I'll be back to tell you what more there is to find out about Michael Johns.

In deference to his star status, I think I'll let Michael himself get the last word in this time. Here's the bulletin he posted from his official MySpace page on April 7, 2009:
Hey everyone ONE WEEK TO GO till Heart on my sleeve!!!I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me this past year. I cannot believe it's been a year since i was kicked off Idol. I have to say as i have many times, i wouldn't change a thing. The love and support i have received has truly made this the best year of my life.

So with that being said i cannot wait for yall to hear the new single next week. Some of you have heard the snippet and told me you love it, cheers!

Other than that i have just been traveling, playng events and doing press. Loving life and playing music doesnt get better.

Will update you soon guys,


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