Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Michael Johns To Be A Judge For Idol?

According to Blair Beinhaker Friendship Foundations, Michael Johns has been confirmed as a judge and performer at the All-Campus Idol 2009, said to be three weeks from now.    Here’s the story by BBFF.  I can only imagine their excitement to know that an actual Aussie-American Icon will be there to perform and offer them wisdom he gained from being a Season 7 Finalist on the real American Idol stage.  Sounds like a blast!

Michael Johns                      Michael Johns

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Michael Johns in Madison!
It’ll all work out….
…when planning an event, stress is inevitable. Whether you are contacting hundreds of people, flyering your entire town, or dealing with way too much drama, event planning can be overwhelming!
As the days go by and the countdown continues though, sometimes everything seems to fall into place.
Today is March 31st- just three weeks prior to All-Campus Idol 2009. And… the event coordinator may just be able to breath a sigh of relief and let out a squeal of excitement. :)
Auditions are now over and the Top 10 finalists (although a secret,) have been chosen!
And…the special guest, American Idol Alum and sole Aussie contestant, Michael Johns has been confirmed as a judge and performer too!
You see… if you believe, and put enough effort in- it’ll all work out.

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