Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Does People Magazine Know About Michael Johns That We Don't?

Michael Johns Single Listed In Peoples Hot Downloads
Following up on a story first published here based on a Michael Johns Twitter, this new update begs a question. Okay... so what do People Magazine and Rhapsody.com know about Michael Johns new album that the rest of us don't?

Either they've made a mistake on the release date for Michael Johns' new album Hold Back My Heart, or the the album is being released a week sooner than the previous date we were given, which was June 23rd.

Personally, I hope they're right with the release date, as I simply can't wait to hear the rest of the songs on this album! We've gotten just the most delicious taste with Michael's debut single 'Heart On My Sleeve'.

Add to that Michael's recent performances of 'To Love Somebody' that we've seen on such programs as Idolatry and American Nobody, and this album already promises to be distinctly one of a kind in Michael's uniquely soulful sound. The way he expresses emotion in music is unequaled.

If you've not heard those renditions of the song, you should take the time to watch them. If you prefer to just have a listen to the song click HERE to go to the most amazing mp3 of 'To Love Somebody'.

Just as a reminder, 'Heart On My Sleeve' was the number one add on AC and Hot AC radio stations today! Michael blogged that news to all of his fans at once.

I'm absolutely loving the fact that this American Idol star has recently decided to let everyone know what's going on in his career by updating his MySpace and Twitter on a regular basis. Here's wishing him much success on the new single and album! Cheers and best wishes mate! :D

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