Friday, May 29, 2009

Add Michael Johns Slideshow To Your Profile!

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Yummy stuff folks! There's so much going on with Michael Johns these days, it's almost hard to keep up, but I'll try. Our heretofore, virtually web silent guy has gone totally techie on us!

He's had his MySpace and Facebook accounts for quite some time now, and he's the only reason I have either one, but that's not what I'm here to tell you about. I think there are a lot of us fans that didn't have any use for those types of accounts until we needed a place to keep up with Michael's videos and music.

Not long ago, Michael joined Twitter and has already Tweeted 104 times!!! Shocking stuff for those of us who waited for so long to hear anything from him directly. Yes, there were news interviews and appearances from which we could draw the news, but it's not the same as hearing it directly from a star to his fans.

Then those of us who didn't pass out from disbelief were treated to an HOUR long chat with Michael yesterday on his new Stickam page. It was so nice getting to speak with him privately with over 6000 other people there for the chat.

Can you imagine trying to answer 6000+ questions all being thrown at you at once? And that was just the beginning. Most of us asked almost every question we'd stored up since we first saw him grace the American Idol stage. The poor guy was dizzy watching all of those questions fly by. Our superstar made it through that hour like the champion he is, but I must admit, I didn't think we'd be hearing from him so soon after the wringer we all put him through during that session. Guess again. :P

Today, he gets on his MySpace and adds the Stickam Video Chat Box to his page...then lo and behold - actually presented us with a blog. Okay, now I'm reeling from shock and delighted surprise that he's back so soon with more goodies up his sleeve.

That beautiful slide show you see at the top of the page (and on my sidebar) was what he offered up today. I've put that gorgeous hunk of visual application on all of my blogs and my profile page on MySpace. Not only that, I'll probably go back to that site and make a few more Michael Johns slide shows of my own. I think I have more pictures of him than he does. (jk...not) :P

MySpace tends to disable links that lead away from their site, (for our protection, hmmph) so I'll include the link so you can have some gorgeous shots on your page too. To get your very own Michael Johns slide show, go to and retrieve the embed link like I did.

Here's the blog he sent out today for those of you who might've missed it:
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slideshows make me happy
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Category: Music Hey guys,

We've just teamed up with the folks at and they are featuring me on their homepage! If you could take a second and embed my slideshow on your profile pages it would really help get the word out about "Heart on My Sleeve" and the upcoming album. Let me know what you think.

Here is the link to my page:

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