Saturday, May 23, 2009

Doing It Michael Johns Style

Here's a cute little piece of fashion news I found on the net. It seems Michael Johns is now quite the trendsetter when it comes to hair. He was recently seen in a TV spot for Garnier Fructis and may represent that brand in January of 2010 when they sponsor the Australian Open. That has nothing to do with the bit of news below, but it's an interesting tidbit anyway.

There's an article to go along with the picture of Michael's lovely locks. Although it's the hairstylist's opinion that he didn't need to sing his way into US Weekly Magazine's Hot Hollywood pics, I'm certainly glad that he does. Without the singing, there would never have been American Idol for Michael Johns, and thus, no Michael "Hot Aussie" Johns Idol for us.

Michael is setting more than just trends in hair styles. With his single "Heart On My Sleeve" getting radio play, and his album Hold Back My Heart coming June 23rd, he'll soon be setting the latest trends in music too.

Here's the Hairstyles article I found:
Michael Johnss Hairstyles
Michael Johns didn’t need to sing his way into US Weekly Magazine's Hot Hollywood 2008 Party Beso. His good looks along with his cool casual hairstyle were enough to get him through the door. The ends of his style were jagged cut for a shaggy finish and a superb look. This style will be easy to maintain with regular trims and is perfect for those with fine to medium textured hair.

How to Style:
Apply modern day styling products to semi-damp hair and then comb the hair into shape using an afro comb. To finish, let the hair dry naturally and then apply wax to add gloss and definition.

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