Friday, May 22, 2009

Michael Johns On MTV News - Video

MTV News correspondent Jim Cantiello interviews Michael Johns (American Idol Season 7 Finalist) and Joel McHale (The Soup) on the red carpet for American Idol Season 8 Finale. It's such a blast just watching the two of them banter back and forth promoting each other shamelessly with mutual respect. The MTV correspondent's job was made easy as Michael and Joel took over the spot while he stood there and watched his "man crushes".

Anyone that follows Michael's Twitter already knows he's a fan of The Soup. Here's his Twitter quote from a few weeks ago regarding the subject in general.
I mean catching up with a best friend then coming home to watch the soup! Is there anything better?
Joel McHale has a new show coming out on NBC titled Community and says Chevy Chase is co-starring in the new series. It sounds hilarious already!  They talked a bit about the show and Michael gave an impromptu audition by exhibiting his fabulous Aussie humor.

How exciting it must've been for him to announce on MTV News that his album set for a June 23rd release. Most all of his fans already know that, but there's just something about MTV that makes music news seem huge! You can pre-order the album Hold Back My Heart from now! Joel McHale is quoted as saying he's 'Excited' to buy Michael's new album, but I've already ordered mine if that tells you anything. :P

His debut single "Heart On My Sleeve" is climbing the charts now and can be purchased at or iTunes today. My thanks to I Heart Pizza for bringing news of the video! Happy Birthday goes out to her too! I should feel bad since it's her birthday and she brings me a gift.

Next time I mention MTV News, I hope it's in reference to a Michael Johns video to go along with his new release. :D

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