Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fontana Announces Michael Johns Hold Back My Heart Release

Click on the speaker to hear "Heart On My Sleeve"!

Here's what the ad for Michael Johns' debut album Hold Back My Heart looked in the Fontana new release book for 6-23-09. After a wait that seemed like forever, his album release date is so close now you can almost reach out and touch it. Seeing the announcement from Fontana makes it seem so much more real.

Since Michael was kind enough to offer a slideshow for his fans to post on our pages to go along with the album and single release, I decided to use the same program to add pics from the Fontana website annoucement and share them with you.

I didn't realize that the slideshow Michael provided his fans included the single "Heart On My Sleeve" in its entirety until I went back to that site to make this slideshow for the Fontana news. I wrote about the slideshow in my last blog, added it to three different blogs, MySpace, Facebook, and Twittered about it, but never knew how special this little gadget was. How embarrassing not knowing what you've spent so much time posting. I was happy just having the pics.

I would've screamed that same news from the highest hilltops if I'd known the single was attached. For those of you that didn't add the slideshow to your page because I didn't tell you it included the single, you can still find the embed code for the picture widget at the following link. When you get yours, be sure you click on the little speaker and listen to "Heart On My Sleeve".

Follow the link below:

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