Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Videos And LA Times Report On Michael Johns Set At The Edison

Here's more news from The Los Angeles Times of the American Idol party held at The Edison on May 18th. I've included a couple of excerpts from the original article. To see the full story (written by Richard Rushfield) and check on your Idol, please click on Los Angeles Times.

On finale eve, Idols of years past gather and compare notes
Every May as the world convenes in front of TV sets to choose our new pop despot, a certain college of cardinals gathers around the main stage. For the 80-some singers who have stood on the "Idol" stage before, finale time is like a giant family reunion, a time to reconnect with their comrades in arms, with whom one, two or six years ago they fought through a bloody season and toured the nation before being scattered to the four winds to seek their fates in the swirling tides of contemporary music.
On finals eve, the gathering place of this fabled fraternity was in a off-the-map basement on the opposite edge of downtown from the Nokia. On Monday night, the Edison bar was the scene of the most intimate of "Idol" conclaves as about two dozen Idols past gathered for a party thrown by Fox Radio to celebrate the finals.
The banter paused as another Season Sevener, the great Michael Johns, took the stage for a 20-minute set. Having seen Michael play twice in the last week, one notices what an accomplished and comfortable performer he is becoming, delivering affecting and intimate sets in two very different venues. On this evening, he had a surprise addition to his lineup, a moving version of Beyonce’s “Put a Ring on It” perhaps the cover one would least expect from the Johns band.
Michael, it seems, is one of the busiest of Idols these days. With his new single “Heart on my Sleeve” out and an album to follow shortly, he is perpetually in motion. Last Friday night, he left a show for "Idol"/"So You Think You Can Dance" executive producers Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe’s winery to race back to Akron, Ohio, for a show, returning for this set, after which he was to board a red-eye to Buffalo, N.Y., for another show, at the end of which he was to rush back to be at the results show on Wednesday night.

I've already included one video from last night, but here's another one that was uploaded by WKRQ102FM. This one includes Michael's performance of the entire Beyonce song 'Single Ladies', but less of the always hilarious Aussie banter at the end. Michael is accompanied by Jeff Foxworth and another guitarist. I'm still hoping to find more of his 20 minute set from last night. Until then, I'll keep posting whatever I can find.

Michael Johns Sings - Boyonce's 'Single Ladies' (WKRQ102FM)

Edited: I told you I'd be back with the rest. :D

Thanks to Will Manning for posting these videos on a message board forum. I knew it was just a matter of time before they started showing up. Both of these songs will be included on Michael's debut album Hold Back My Heart, which will be released on June 23rd, but can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com now!

Michael Johns - 'To Love Somebody' (MIX1051)

Michael Johns - 'Fool's Gold' (MIX1051)

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